Live Mind Mapping as a Service

Live Mind Mapping as a Service

Challenges with online & face to face events

Are you as an organizer or owner of events facing these challenges?

  • How do you get participants engaged?
  • Would it be possible to increase the ROI of an online session?
  • Does anyone actually read minutes that are sent days later?
  • Can one create buy-in of attendees to do their actions?

Why Mind Mapping?

A mind map is a visual diagram that helps to get a clear picture of a certain topic. Since the structure is radial it allows to easily jump to relevant sub-topics. This is consistent to how our brain operates. The 2 main drivers for our brain is

A mind map is a visual document which uses color, images, relationships and other visual elements to

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual diagram with a radial structure that consists of a centralized subject and related topics or ideas (main topics) branching off from the center in all directions. This process continues from the main topic into a sub-topic and sub-sub-topic.

What is Mind Mapping?

The information age causes an overload of media that reach us daily. Every day we have to make decisions based on using that info. As Clay Shirky says: “it is not information overload, it is filter failure!”

Tony Buzan, the originator of mind mapping, developed a note-taking, memory, and reading technique based on how the brain functions. Two important drivers for our brain are association and imagination.

This organic and radiant way of structuring information uses hierarchy (main and subtopics along branches), colours, images, icons, relationships, and links to sources. Information is noted in main and subtopics that makes it possible to filter.

What is Live Mind Mapping as a Service?

Live Mind Mapping as a Service uses the mind map technique usually with mind mapping software to create a mind map live when and event or meeting occurs. This mind map can be on-screen or off-screen for the participants/

When Live Mind Mapping is on-screen, for attendees to follow, they can actively follow the discussion. This inspires the attendees/ participant to actively contribute to the discussion. Why? People like to see their own input being visualized for others to see. It also makes the feel the have indeed contributed.

off-screen Live Mind Mapping will still help to deliver a visual overview of the meeting with actionable results. Actionable meaning, who is doing what task by when and what he or she requires.

I am using a variety of tools, techniques such as MindMeister, Meistertask, Ayoa (formerly known as iMindMap), Xmind, and more.

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