I have recorded short videos explaining key productivity concepts which can help everyone to make a positive change. Do take into account a change of habit does not come overnight. Research has shown that it takes at least 30 consecutive days to make a lasting change.

Morning Routine

A morning routine allows you to prepare for a successful day. You need to make decisions about what to eat, what to wear and everything else needed to plan your day. Once you have a routine you don’t have to think about trivial things and focus on things that matter such as your Most Important Tasks of that day.

Most Important Tasks MIT

The concept of Most Important Tasks (MIT) is simple. You should not define more than 3 of these tasks. Why only 3? Of course you will do more than 3 things on a day. But these 3 things MUST be done today. This brings focus.

Importance of short breaks

Make time for Exercise

We all know it is healthy to exercise, but many of us still fail to have the discipline and find excuses to not exercise. It is so hard. It is expensive, or it is too far. I got home late. I don’t have time for it. Because we all know: “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.  Whenever I go for an early morning run or a work-out session, I feel energised for the whole day. 


You have thought about it. It seemed like a great idea, but it didn’t happen because you procrastinate. What is procrastination? In short: it is the act of delaying or postponing tasks that you were meant to do. There are multiple reasons why we procrastinate. The fact of the matter is, a lot of people are coping with this.

Focus booster – Pomodoro technique

A timeboxing technique that really helped me to boost my productivity, is the Pomodoro technique. Time-boxing is a concept to allocate a certain amount of time to a task or sub-task. It sounds simple! However, often you are interrupted by a new email, message, pop-up, somebody interrupting you or a thought. 

Connect more on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much more than a modern resume or a job board alone. Before you can start using LinkedIn to create and share content or reaching out to your audience with messages, your profile needs to be strong and consistent! Get the basics right. Try the LinkedIn Scan.