Mind Sparks Pursuing Productivity

Pursuing Productivity

Doe meer in minder tijd, krijg meer overzicht en inzicht en werk slimmer

One to One

Getting the necessary clarity about the current state to help you improve your game.


Access to valuable and portable program which allow you to setup and live anywhere you want.

On Time

Punctuality is our top priority because it's an essential criteria to assess a program quality.

Online Coures

Online business coaching now offers you a very powerful way to empower your business into success.


You will get a clear sense of direction for your business, thorough assessment and faster results.

Self Development

Business Coaching often keep your focus and develop you both in a professional and personal way.

To Thrive In Business Today, You’ll Need a Good Plan

How can we help?

How many courses you’ve been on, using however many techniques and methods. Unless you’ve come to realize the value of mindset, then you’ve yet to understand how success comes.

With everyone else’s mindset involved impacting too. Hence why business coaching is so crucial for success.

Why would I need a business COACH?

Every great entrepreneur is surrounded by coaches and advisors. A great business coach will listen and guide you to success.

Perhaps most importantly, a business coach will make you focus on your goals and hold you accountable to the things you should do, and to where you want your business to be.

What is one-on-one coaching?

We understand that every business is at a different stage of development; this is why we’ve also developed multiple Group Coaching programs to fit the needs of every kind of business.

Unlike a consultant, your personal MaxCoach will do more than just show you what to do – he or she will be with you when you need them most.

Wanna transform your life?

Upcoming Events

Why you should work with Alexis

Trainer Online Communication & Mind Mapping

I was pleased to have worked together with Alexis. Alexis has helped many of our cursist to grow further in the fields of Online Communication, Digital Marketing, Brain training, mind mapping and social media. Cursist have evaluated Alexis as enthousiast, knowledgeable and dedicated.
Jasmijn van Heiningen
/ Trainer Manager & Study advisor ICM Opleidingen & trainingen

Mind map Coaching

Alexis van Dam, Mr. Mind map himself. If mind mapping did not yet existed he would probably invited it himself. He teaches enthousiast the do’s and don’ts of mind mapping. We did a 2 half day workshop. We started with manual mind mapping by hand and the second day we zoomed in on to digital mind mapping.
Myrtle Vos
/ Flowmotion

Getting the essence at Biggerplate Unplugged event

Alexis provided live mind mapping for the Biggerplate conference event in October 2013, and the quality of his work and output is simply fantastic. He not only kept up with a range of discussions and presentations over the entire day, but helped to generate fantastic summary mind maps that really captured the essence of each session. This is a really specialist skill that requires highly active listening and attention, as well as highly skillful use of mind mapping software – we would recommend Alexis as a provider without hesitation.
Liam Hughes
/ Biggerplate Co founder

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