About Alexis van Dam

About Alexis van Dam

I am Alexis van Dam, trainer, coach, and facilitator. I have 10+ years of experience in helping individuals, teams, and organizations to become more productive and effective.

Specialties of Alexis van Dam

Originally from the Netherlands, he is currently based in Singapore. Due to the blend of his expertise in productivity, mind mapping, digital marketing, training, coaching, facilitating, moderating and speaking, he has worked closely with many organizations, MNCs and SMEs and teams in various countries in Europe and South East Asia.

I have started MindSparks to offer you my experiences as productivity coach and trainer.

Alexis van Dam Coach


Live Mind Mapping as a Service

One of my specialties is Live Mind Mapping as a Service (also knows as Live Mind Mapping, or LiveMindMapping). I am using mind maps to capture information during a meeting, webinar, call, round table, or any type of (business) event or gather.

Live Mind Mapping on-screen or off-screen

Live Mind Mapping can be done on-screen or off-screen. When Live Mind Mapping is onscreen, for attendees to follow, they can actively follow the discussion. This inspires the attendees/ participant to actively contribute to the discussion. Why? People like to see their own input being visualized for others to see. It also makes the feel the have indeed contributed.

off-screen Live Mind Mapping will still help to deliver a visual overview of the meeting with actionable results. Actionable meaning, who is doing what task by when and what he or she requires.

He has a variety of tools, techniques in his toolbox such as MindMeister, Meistertask, Ayoa (formerly known as iMindMap), Xmind, and more.

LinkedIn Coach

Up till now, I have worked in a set of different capacities, ranging from being employed as a consultant, strategist to Marketing Director, partner, freelancer teacher to entrepreneur, and owner. One thing in common has been LinkedIn.

I have joined the world’s number one professional network whenever it was launched in The Netherlands in 2006. Since I have been using it in different capacities. LinkedIn has evolved significantly from an online resume job board to one of the largest content and learning platforms with exciting opportunities for professionals and organizations to reach and engage with their audience.

I have trained and coached in-house teams of consultants, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs to get more out of LinkedIn.

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Productivity Coach and Trainer

I have designed a variety of single-day, multi-day productivity courses, and training programs. I have been training people in the same programs as well. Nothing gives me more energy than to help others to develop themselves and to allow them to win back time and allocate that to passions, hobbies, and family.