About MindSparks

About MindSparks

Pursuing Productivity

Let me tell you more about MindSparks and why I, Alexis van Dam, started MindSparks with the aim of Pursuing Productivity.

I have 10+ years of experience in helping individuals, teams and organizations to become more productive and effective. Due to the blend of expertise in productivity, mind mapping, digital marketing, training, coaching, facilitating, moderating and speaking, I have worked closely with many organizations and teams and in various countries.

Everyday I am learning from these experiences and am eager to return this knowledge to the ecosystem, focussing on helping people improve their productivity and become more effective.

We are all wasting time

Think about it. We waste so much time during office hours on things that do not bring us anything of monetary value, pleasure, knowledge, experience, advancement in our careers or even monetary value.

  • How many meetings do you attend?
  • How many emails do you process weekly?
  • How often do you have to search for info?
  • Are you waiting for others to come back to you?
  • Are others managing your time instead or are you taking control?

Time is limited and is the same for everyone

We all know, time is a limited resource. However, it is how you utilize your time to your best advantage that makes you more successful and happier.

MindSparks Pursuing Productivity

I wake up every morning, inspired to help YOU become more productive and effective in your work so that you have more time for family life, kids, hobbies, traveling, experiences and side hustles.

Pursuing productivity means that you, as a person, are able to become more efficient. Efficiency means that you can do more in less time. The time you save can be spent on other things. Things you are passionate about.

Why MindSparks

MindSparks helps individuals, teams and organizations to enhance their productivity by means of coaching, training and support, to help you become more efficient.

Let me show you how you can save a least 4 hours per week!

The MindSparks logo

This logo was designed with productivity and learning as the main drivers. In the S, you can see a squirrel. Not only does this work visually, but squirrels have important business traits that are beneficial when it comes to enhancing your productivity:

  • hardworking, what we sow is what we reap
  • organized, planning and preparation to keep track of projects and details
  • prioritize time and energy
  • eager to learn, to discover new things and curious
  • keep minds open and sharp
  • perseverance and readiness to try different methods
  • very resourceful

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